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BGBarre. Personal, group, or corporate fitness classes, that blend dance, pilates, yoga and utterly filthy hip-hop music to channel your inner bad girl. Instructor training courses run quarterly in London.

Available as one half-day workshop, or three separate, 1.5 hour workshops, we tackle the subjects of nutrition, fitness and mental health - all with the busy, stressed, over-burdened professional in mind.


GORGEOUS. Inside and out.

Who's Nesse?

Plant-powered nutritionist, author, fitness instructor, and all-round wellness warrior, Nesse is also a four-time survivor of an ugly disease, former jazz singer, fierce feminist, part-time mermaid, and full-time eye-roller. 

Whether coaching clients to balance a realistic diet and weight loss programme with the demands of "real life", or coaching a room of clients, looking for a little fun whilst they BURRRRRRRN, Nesse believes in bringing pragmatism, realism, veggies, and a healthy dose of good humour to all of her endeavours.

That, and a REALLY offensive playlist.

Because life is short. And the only thing worth taking seriously is your health.

"Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel."

Kevin Trudeau

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