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Instructor Training Course 

Up your #badgirl.



BGBarre, like the B-Boys (and girls!) by which it's inspired, isn't like most barre classes. Yes, it still brings ballet, Pilates, yoga and strength training together for a low-impact, full-body burn-fest that sculpts muscles, increases flexibility and improves posture. But BGBarre is more upbeat, its more irreverent, it's, frankly. And that's why classes book up weeks in advance at studios around London (and why there is currently a waitlist for private clients).

This course will take you through the physiological and bio-mechanical benefits of barre training, the entire range of exercises we offer, including modifications and special considerations, and of course, show you how to create a fun, engaging atmosphere through music, personality and energy.

This BG-Barre certification means that you'll be able to teach at any studio in the UK that's looking to bring a little (more) barre into their lives, and to give one-on-one instruction to private clients. It is fully CPD qualified, so successful completion not only earns you kudos form your students for being so damned FABULOUS; it can also earn you up to 15 CPD points.

3 days instruction/workshop.

5 co-teaching sessions.

1 Audition.


Subjects include:

- Philosophy and physiology of barre fitness

- Ballet fundamentals (and language)

- Musicality and environment

- Adaptations and modifications

- BGBarre's "Secret sassy sauce"


Standard: £495

Early bird: £450

Return/refresher: £195


Course fee includes: 

Studio hire, course guidebook, certification "audition session", 5 co-teaching sessions with a Master Instructor, 5 free BG Barre classes at Slice (so that you can practice), an official Certificate of Qualification, and of course, up to 15 CPD qualification points for qualified fitness instructors.


To instruct:

Level 2 fitness E2M qualification, Personal trainer, and/or dance instructor qualification (varies).



* If you're not a certified instructor, but are still keen to up your #badgirl, get in touch! We do offer the course as a personal development option (without final certfiication) at a discounted rate.